Your need, our experts

Your email, website, databases, the security of your information are very important for your business. We know that! Our business is 100% based on technology and we know how important it is.

That's why we use quality hardware, do strategic partnerships and invest in human resources.

We are totally available to define a strategy together  with you, and let the technology grow with your business.

Server Level 1


Server Level 2

Intel® Xeon E3-1220

  • 4 Gbyte DDR3
  • 2 x 500GB (RAID 0,1)
  • Unlimited Bandwith

Intel® Xeon E3-1270

  • 8 Gbyte DDR3
  • 2 x 1TB (RAID 0,1)
  • Unlimited Bandwith

Server Level 3


Server Level 4

Intel® Xeon E5-2620

  • 8 Gbyte DDR3
  • 2 x 1TB (RAID 0,1)
  • Unlimited Bandwith

Intel® Xeon E5-2660

  • 16 Gbyte DDR3
  • 2 x 2TB (RAID 0,1)
  • Unlimited Bandwith


Because our customers security is our main concern, we split our operations between 2 datacenters on the main Portuguese cities: Porto and Lisbon. Both buildings are certified datacenters and ready to provide housing, colocation e disaster recovery services.

  • Access control
  • Permanent physical security (24h/7).
  • Sistema de Videovigilância.
  • Monitored environment
  • Anti- Earthquake structure.
  • Anti Fire Doors
  • Sistema de detecção de incêndios.
  • Sistema de detecção de gases tóxicos.
  • Sistema de extinção de incêndios redundante (Inergen).
  • Sistema de detecção de inundação.
  • Sistema de UPS redundante.
  • Geradores Diesel redundantes.
  • ISO 9001.
  • ISO 27001.